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Piątek, 17 sierpnia 2018

Faculty of Philology,
 State University of Applied Sciences, Konin, Poland

Department of English Studies, Faculty of Pedagogy and Fine Arts,
Adam Mickiewicz University, Kalisz, Poland

are happy to announce 7th international conference:

Classroom-oriented research:

The importance of a macro- and micro-perspective

Konin, October 9th-11th, 2017

The conference will be devoted to various aspects of broadly-understood classroom-oriented research and provide a forum for disseminating latest research findings in this area, which is critical for foreign and second language pedagogy. In particular, it will focus on the importance of adopting both a macro- and micro-perspective in investigating the learning and teaching of foreign and second languages in the classroom. The event will be of relevance not only to academics, researchers, teacher educators and materials writers, but also to language teachers wishing to enhance their instructional practices.
The event will be organized by Faculty of Philology, State University of Applied Sciences, Konin, Poland, and Department of English Studies, Faculty of Pedagogy and Fine Arts, Adam Mickiewicz University, Kalisz, Poland. The organizing team is headed by professor Mirosław Pawlak (Adam Mickiewicz University, Kalisz) – Chair, dr. Anna Mystkowska-Wiertelak (Adam Mickiewicz University, Kalisz) – Co-Chair, and dr. Marek Derenowski – Co-Chair.
The following scholars have agreed to participate in the conference and deliver plenary talks:
           ·          prof. Alessandro Benati (University of Portsmouth)
           ·          prof. Heidi Byrnes (Georgetown University)
           ·          prof. Anna Chamot (Emerita, George Washington University)
           ·          prof. Thomas Farrell  (Brock University)
           ·          prof. James Lantolf (Pennsylvania State University)
           ·          prof. Hadrian Lankiewicz (University of Gdańsk)
           ·          prof. Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk (State University of Applied Sciences, Konin)
We welcome contributions related to the theme of the conference in the form of papers (20 minutes + 10 minutes for discussion), workshops (60 minutes) and posters which could, among other things, focus on the following areas:
·         theoretical foundations of classroom-oriented research;
·         teaching language skills and subsystems;
·         developing intercultural competence in the language classroom;
·         individual differences and language learning and teaching;
·         learner autonomy and language learning strategies;
·         content and language integrated learning;
·         classroom interaction and management;
·         teachers’ knowledge and beliefs;
·         teacher education;
·         coursebooks and materials;
·         syllabus design;
·         assessing second language knowledge;
·         methodology of classroom-oriented research;
·         disseminating the findings of classroom-oriented research.
Abstracts of papers and workshops in the range of 250-300 words should be submitted by e-mail to classroomresearch2017@gmail.com by May 31st, 2017. The proposals should include the title, name, affiliation, e-mail address and a short biographical note, about 60-80 words in length. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by June 30th, 2017.
After the conference selected papers will be published in a peer-reviewed volume or in the journals Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching or Konin Language Studies. Further information concerning the publication as well as the submission guidelines will be sent after the conference.
The venue for the event will be the Conference Center of State School of Higher Professional Education in Konin, Poland at Popiełuszki 4 St. where all the plenary and parallel sessions will be held, and meals and refreshments will be served. 
All the participants are requested to return the registration form and pay the conference fee by August, 31st, 2017. The fee, which covers organization costs, conference materials, lunches and refreshments is 460 PLN for Polish participants and 160 euro for participants from other countries. We will be able to refund 50% of the fee before September 20th, 2017 and after that date no refunds will be possible. The fee should be transferred to the following bank account (bank transfer charges are the responsibility of the payer):
Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa w Koninie
ul. Przyjaźni 1
62-510 Konin
Bank Zachodni WBK SA
IBAN number: PL 65 1500 1461 1214 6004 7669 0000
The title of the payment: COR 2017 + name of the participant
The registration form is attached at the end of this circular.
The participants are requested to book their own accommodation:
The Konin Hotel which has consented to offer a discount on its regular room rates:
Al. 1 Maja 13
62-510 Konin, Poland
tel. + 48 63 243 76 00
fax  + 48 63 243 76 07
e-mail: recepcja@hotelkonin.pl
Rooms are available from October 8th to October 11th. Rates per night (different standards): single room 135-175 PLN (ca. 35-40 euro), double room 165-195 PLN (ca. 45-50 euro), triple room 240 PLN (ca. 60 euro). Breakfast is included in these prices. The name of the conference should be mentioned at the time of the booking.
The university can offer a limited number of single and double newly refurbished guest rooms, located near the conference venue, the standard of which is comparable to those at the hotel. Depending on room type, rates per night are approximately 25-30 euro, inclusive of breakfast. Credit card payment is possible. Reservations should be made directly with the organizers and they are subject to availability.
For further information participants are requested to contact the Conference Secretary:
dr. Bartosz Wolski
Faculty of Philology
State University of Applied Sciences in Konin
ul. Wyszyńskiego 3c
62-510 Konin, Poland
tel. (63) 2497240 or + 48 606 344 839 (operational from October 5th to October 12th)  
e-mail: classroomresearch2017@gmail.com
Information about the Conference and important updates can also be found on the conference website https://sites.google.com/site/classroomresearch2017/.
prof. Mirosław Pawlak (pawlakmi@amu.edu.pl) – Chair
dr. Anna Mystkowska-Wiertelak – Co-Chair
dr. Marek Derenowski – Co-Chair
dr. Marek Derenowski
dr. Anna Stolarczyk-Gembiak
Agnieszka Borowiak, MA
dr. Bartosz Wolski
Ewa Konieczna, MA
Karolina Rakowicz, MA

Registration Form 


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