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Arrival in Konin

Konin is an important transportation junction joining the north with the south, and the east with the west of Poland. The east-west A2 highway, a part of the international Berlin-Moscow route, runs through Konin. Road 25, which joins Bydgoszcz (in the north of the country) with Kalisz (in the south), also runs through Konin.'

By plane

The nearest airports, which have connections with most capital and major European cities, are in Poznań, Łódź and Warsaw. From there, Konin can be reached by bus or by train.

By coach

There is an international coach terminal in Konin. The connections with cities in France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, and Spain are offered.
·         Polish Car Transport Company: http://www.rozkladpks.pl

By train

Konin is on the railway line Berlin – Warsaw – Moscow.
Information: Polish State Railways: http://www.pkp.pl

By car

Foreigners intending to drive a car in Poland may use their national driving licence or an international one (International Driving Licence).
All drivers have to have a third party liability insurance and an accident insurance. Additionally, non EU/EEA citizens are obliged to have a car insurance, the so-called “Green card”.
In Poland there is right-hand traffic. Seat belts have to be used in both front and back seats. Using a mobile phone while driving is banned, unless the car is equipped with a loud-speaking system (hands free kit).
Drivers have to use day lights during all year.


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